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    Lyrics: Keep Saying it Freestyle by Cobby Dollar

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 16 January 2012 19:55| 0 Comments

    Song: Keep Saying It
    Artiste: Cobby Dollar

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    Cobby Dollar...K

    We doing it for GOD

    Keep saying it, dont stop talking it..[yeah]...k

    Listen, God's word is so true

    This is just a freestyle [nah nah]

    Just a freestyle? [yeah] but.. it got so much power

    It's gonna change your life


    Listen to the lyrics so carefully.. Christ is the reason why we keep on living our lives

    [Yeah] without Christ I'm nothing..[yah]...without Christ I'm dead

    I keep on meditating upon GOD's word everyday

    I'm never gonna stop what I do. I do it for J-E-S-U-S [yah] and no one else

    In Christ I live and I do my being. I will never fear cuz he dried my tear

    Christ is my reason, why I keep on smiling everyday


    No more tears

    I'm no longer sorrowful


    Life in Christ, just so beautiful

    What a life I live, [thanks to Christ], Jesus is the reason why I keep on laughing everyday

    I will always smile my way

    I will never go back to my silly old ways



    I'm a changed man [yes]

    I'm the changed man

    And I'm glad that I do it for GOD

    And I'm just

    Just so blameless. You cannot blame me


    Christ took my pain

    Ou ou Christ took my pain [yeah]

    That's why HE came..[yeah]

    HE came purposely to take my pain [yeah ..ou]

    [Cobby$ Talking]

    This was a freestyle for Christ

    Watchout for the new single"no turning back"

    [Cobby Dollar]...featuring some


    just watchout

    I won't tell you the Artist name..just watchout

    Cobby Dollar

    I'm out

    Keep serving GOD..Keep saying it

    Don't stop talking it


    I keep on reaching higher without getting tired

    cuz I'm always on fire

    [Fade out]

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