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    Lyrics: Sweet Jesus by Psalmpong

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 24 May 2012 16:38| 1 Comments

    Song: Sweet Jesus
    Artiste: Psalmpong


    Halleluyah!!! Y'eedi ehurisi wo Yesu din mu!!!


    Sweet Jesus

    I no go forget you

    On the cross the way you suffer me yei

    Verse 1

    O, Sweet Jesus

    I no go forget you

    On the cross the way you suffer me

    O, when l dey sick

    My Jesus go heal me

    When in trouble

    My Jesus sets me free

    He's my Saviour urh!

    Sweet Jesus

    Sweet Jesus o ewoo!!

    Verse 2

    O, when l dey cry

    My Jesus go carry me

    He go ask me say

    Weitin dey worry me

    Stop stop! 3x

    Make you no cry again o!

    (Sing in twi)

    Ewurade wodoo mea a kosii owuo mu

    Mpo asendua so wuo

    Egya w'apeninsie mu

    N'ame nya m'asomdwee

    Se me yare a

    W'osa me yare

    M'aho kyere mu

    Egya w'ogye me

    Se me yare a

    W'ona w'osa me yare

    M'aho kyere mu

    Egya w'ogye me

    Mese, w'one m'asomdweehene ampa a

    Yesu, w'odin ye m'ede o

    Jesus, your name is sweet!

    Yesu m'edawase o,

    Eshe w'oshe (4x)

    Baba o!

    Sweet Jesus aahh

    Sweet Jesus o ewoo!!

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