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    Lyrics: Jesus Cries by Paapa

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 05 August 2012 17:09| 2 Comments

    Song: Tired
    Artiste: Elle
    Album: Once Upon a Time

    Sing Along

    Verse 1


    Used to be very very sacred

    It is now a tragedy the way it's become basic

    Tell me that it's not real, tell me it's the Matrix

    Tell me that we still believe that marriage is the place for it


    Didn't pay for your sins

    But we don't know that we worship it when we brag about rims

    And ice, you know Jesus Christ? yea He paid the price

    For your sins with His sinless life but


    Now that is what we choose

    Floating on the alcohol, intoxicated cruise

    With the liquor, But you don't only kill your liver

    You point a loaded gun to your soul and pull the trigger


    Call me extreme

    But I am part of a team

    Serving out the soul food because the world is lean

    I am part of a team that loves Jesus Christ

    And man I hate it when Jesus cries

    Verse 2

    Class is in session, this is soul college

    A little soul food, a little soul porridge

    No more blinded by the flash of the glitz

    No more guided by the fashion and hits

    Swearing, cussing

    Moral concussion

    Ghanaians, and Japanese, Americans and Russians

    Everybody's getting it, it's even right behind you!

    Mind you. This one no be swine flu

    Let me let my rhymes do, something to remind you

    That now it is time to, step over the line you drew

    For God never to cross it

    But He is so familiar with crosses and not forgetting

    Thorns on His head, sores on His feet

    Wounds on His back, insults from the streets

    Stop the beat.

    We forget we're alive because He died

    We always forget that we can laugh because He cried

    But sometimes I can still hear Him cry

    Screaming "is this why I came down to die?

    "For you to just kill yourself with sins?

    For you to forget me and choose material things?

    I destroyed the earth before, for the same reasons

    But this time I chose to die, on the cross - bleeding...."

    This is why I love Jesus Christ

    And this is why I hate it when Jesus cries....

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