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    Lyrics: Dear John (Tribute To Ex Prez J. E. A. MIlls) by Asem feat. Pat Thomas

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 09 August 2012 16:53| 1 Comments

    Song: Dear John (Tribute To Ex Prez J. E. A. MIlls)
    Artiste: Asem feat. Pat Thomas

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    I'm weak in the heart

    For the dearly depart

    It's a s e m 3ne Uncle Pat

    Verse 1 (Asem Rap)

    Dear John

    See I've cried so hard all my tears gone

    And I've been praying to the lord trying to liaison

    For a better place a better place for you to lay your head on

    Metee y3 no I thought I heard wrong

    Didn't wanna believe it see I was headstrong

    Its not fair that a man so sincere's gone

    But don't get it wrong this aint a dirge its a cheer song

    He was born with a heart of oak

    A gentleman from how he walked and even how he spoke

    And even when the tensions were high ask questions and he would reply with another joke

    A fante man with sense of humour

    He never paid attention to any rumour

    Just like Nkrumah a man of the people ondwen nafu ho na wadwene na furuma

    A better Ghana was his dream and his Joy flowed like a river into every stream

    A true leader see a God believer even go respect from other who weren't on his team

    Hook (Pat Thomas)

    As3m As3m As3m ben ni aaaaaaaa(Repeat Twice)

    Owuo kura ade3 a nkwa ntumi ngye aaaaaaaaaa

    Saa na owuo kura ade3 nkwa ntumi ngye aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Agya Atta wuo yi aha y3n

    Ama suaaa na yesu oh awer3ho) nkoaa na yedi

    Agya Atta ei


    Damirifa Due oh, Damirifa Due oh Agya ei

    Damirifa due oh Due ne Amanehunu (2x)

    Hmmmm hmmmmm Hmmmmmm (2x)

    Verse 2 (Asem Rap)

    Dear John

    I wish it was a hoax but I'm dead wrong

    Have u really become a ghost are you dead gone

    Will you really rest in peace John because I hear even the dead mourn

    Naadu misses you

    You never said goodbye she would have tried to visit you

    Oh John Atta, Oh John Papa, John afe wo papa but he forgive th you

    And we remember you for all the good things

    Father for all asomdwie hene

    Wodii wofie as3m nso wasomdwie tene

    Professor unprecedented a wasan abene

    Y3wer3 aho but we still celebrate you

    Down in spirit but we try to elevate you

    You see patience was your virtue

    And its a shame Death Couldn't avert you

    Even in bad health you worked hard still

    Stayed on your grind Mr. Mill, Mr. Mill

    A true honest man

    You always kept it real

    As3m ne Pat Thomas this is how we feel

    Hook (Pat Thomas)

    As3m As3m As3m ben nieeeee aaaaaaaa (2x)

    Owuo kura ade3 a

    Nnkwa ntumi ngye aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Saa na owuo kura ade3 a nkwa ntumi ngye aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Y3re y3 de3n ni o yagya ei

    Ghanaman nyinaa se wode y3 gya hwan ni

    Ebei Naa Adu Mills nso se wode no gya hwan ni

    Womma bedi de3n

    Womma bedi de3n

    Agya Mills eh

    Nyame ne wonk) oh

    Y3ma wo nnante yie daaa

    Chorus (Pat Thomas)

    Damirifa Due till fade

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