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    Lyrics: Adole by Asem feat. Quabena Maphia

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 12 September 2012 10:49| 2 Comments

    Song: Adole
    Artiste: Asem feat. Quabena Maphia
    Album: Solid Ground

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    Ne Kpanlogo y3d3 papa

    )baa yi ho)f3 ankasa

    Me bisa a 3nky3 na )de ba

    (Quabena Mafia)

    As3m ne Quabena Mafia

    Rap 1 (Asem)

    She go make u fall in love

    She's got too much passion

    Steps in the room and the lights go off

    And the camera's flashing

    Everybody stares when she's passing

    Her middle name is fashion

    Who's that girl everybody asking


    Beauty to the best perfection

    Make a DJ pull up his best selection

    Make an artist perform his best collection

    Boys no go wear Protection


    She's like the wind

    Face like heaven and a body like sin

    Ah, belly flat, waist very trim

    In back Kardashian just like Kim

    Chorus: Maphia

    S3 mmaa nyinaa tes3 wo a

    Mmarima nka y3mmr3 o

    Maa de3 maa de3 a

    O Adole

    Sonson s3 abr)b3

    Sirikyi ahoma mu aho)f3,

    Maa de3 maa de3 a

    O Adole

    Rap 2 (Asem)

    Sonson s3 abr)b3, sonson s3 abr)b3

    When she step on the road

    Start to dey stroll Agyinamoa na )s3

    3na 3ny3 wo sika, 3na 3ny3 waho)f3, na 3ny3 wo swagger

    Nna 3ny3 wano)d3

    onim de3 )p3


    Eno be say I dey hype am

    See my word is bond u fit type am

    She no be the kind of girl u go diet am

    and dawg am make Edem come wife am

    Her charm is effortless

    Her body is a fortress

    Wei de3 Agye s3 King Size mattress

    Big boys dey fear to address


    She's like the wind/ Face like heaven and a body like sin/ Belly flat, waist very trim

    In back, Kardashian just like Kim

    Chorus: Maphia(Repeat)

    Verse: Maphia

    Ned) no y3 permanent

    Makoma mu 3y3 prominent

    Ah me MP parliament

    )no nkotooo na onim ade3 )y3 ma me te nka w) me mu

    Ah )mp3 nyama nyama

    )mp3 nne3ma nyama nyama

    Adole ne biribiara kama kama

    Me feeli ne Ragemzo

    Adole ne kpanlogo

    Me feeli ne Ragemzo

    dole ne kpanlogooooooooo

    Intro: Hook

    Asem (Repeats)

    Chorus: Maphia (Repeats Till Fade)

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