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    Lyrics: Baby by Samini

    by Ghana Music.com Team
    posted Wednesday, 12 August 2009 16:34| 1 Comments


    Song: Baby
    Artist: Samini 
    Album: Samini


    It's really hard to understand these babies these days

    It's so hard, it's so hard yei

    Where my baby dey


    Verse 1

    My baby no dey care again

    She no dey call again

    When I call, she no dey call me back again

    And she want me still assume that she's alright

    When I call, she no dey pick

    And that dey make me sick

    It's been too hard to reach her

    And she want me still assume say she's okay



    Where my baby dey

    As I am wailing everyday

    Hoping say she still go come my way

    Where my baby dey (yeah, yeah, yeah)

    The question I ask

    I'm okay

    Samini mini I'm okay (Are you sure?)

    I'm okay

    Don't you think about me (2x)


    Verse 2

    We used to flex like siblings

    I was your brother and you were my sisthren

    This is not what I was picturing

    Girl, I should have rec you from the beginning

    Is this love, was it love, has it ever been love?

    Girl, I'm truly missing you

    Girl, you know, could I never diss you

    Woman, me want you hear me out

    You gradually killing me

    Remember that you used to be my healing, oh healing

    And any time I am home alone

    All I wanna do is call your phone

    'Cus I miss you to the bone

    And take this as your ringing tone


    Repeat Chorus


    Verse 3

    Odo mma engya me ho o, odo ngya me ho o

    Kai hunu se me ne wo aye bi da

    Afei ebaa no sen na wabegya fiti koko ho so akogya me subu n'ani

    De wo nsa bewo m'ani

    Mefa wo se me dofo, mennim se na wo suban ni

    Had I known is always at last

    We've come to the end of this forage at last

    Thanks a lot, for all of your troubles

    0do yede se esikyire, wohwe na woatefere awie

    Afei na woahu se wompe me (afei)

    Madane adedenfikyire, daakye bi medwuru fie

    Na menim se me Nyame do me


    Repeat Chorus

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