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    Lyrics: Grugye by Blaq Jee feat. Joe B

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 12 December 2012 17:49| 1 Comments

    Song: Grugye
    Artiste: Blaq Jee feat. Joe B


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    Wie y3 ball jay beat, ball jay beat, wie y3 ball jay beat.party people


    Wo be ba ab3 sa, wo be ba ab3 da  2x

    'Y3 di a awu' me kasaa s3 3ye wo d3 a

    Y3 twn a awu, twn ma me,

    Y3 di a awu'  ahof3 twn ma me ''y33 twn a awu'

    ''Grugye, Grugye, Grugye, Grugye!!!  (Repeat)


    (Blaq Jee)

    No.1...Ei not be say anythin

    'I get more douo' kala kala foo yie nso omo pe show I peed the face noo I said this one woow

    Shody show me every skills you've got

    I need to hear some sound now'' aah'' common put the light off

    Patirikotom me mpaboa ete kora okyena m3 boum,

    Show her u bi the mungu,3kom de wo a gye mango

    Fa kye3 no o' gye gye no so o' ma no nka s3 yes oh so

    Fa me koo oo' 3soro ho oo' 3fam ho o' wahofe yie de3 eku me oo' wie dea3 me mmo no donkome o' me nkoa na m3 tumi ato o

    Wh3 na anim ne na akye ade3 3f3 de3 3f3 hips papapaa ade3 3de3 dea3 3de3 boofre abre na abaa da ase3 twn ma me oo' fa ma me oo' mee bo atomu oo' ka s3 goo

    Bendown low o'


    Twn ma me,ahofe twn ma me! (repeat 1x)


    (Joe B)

    Mere ba, mee ba ab3 gyiee wo gweeba,

    Joe b mere ba mese y3 no nt3m nt3m na 3kya na 3dwo wai

    Ma ani agye na agye na 'piipoopin no no,

    Piipoopin no no,

    Ma ani agye na agye na piinpopin no no,s3 wa aware a

    Ko fie ko da,s3 wo nni bi a p3 bi na da

    S3 wo twn mpina a ko so na twn

    M3 fietsre wo' y3 di a awu

    M3 fietsre wo' y3 twi a awu, m3 fietsre wo'

    Adwee ne kwadu kwadu

    Ne3 agongon  koko

    Sund3 pe t3 sundei

    3pet3  pet3

    Sundei 3pet3 sundei

    3pet3 pet3 kookoo koo oo' koo koo wo hoo oo'wh3

    Na ko wh3 koko koko wo ho oo'

    Repeat Chorus

    2nd Raps

    wa ahofe yie de3 3blinki blinki 3ringi,efr3 fr3 me akye kyere me fa kye mee3 bra na me ne wo 3ko di agor3 y3 mmom na yen nkyere kuro  enkye kye wo ho daa daa wo ho3 s3 wo sexy shoe

    Yen launchi mu3 eden na wo p3 car me to 3hin na y3n nko tour for sure obaa soono wo te wo din a gye me so, fa wo nsa to me so haa

    Mefitsere wo

    Aah Blaq Jee no.1

    Repeat chorus till fade

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