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    Lyrics: Yes I Can (Motum Ayi) by Prince & Akua

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 12 December 2012 19:35| 0 Comments

    Song: Yes I Can (Motum Ayi)
    Artiste: Prince & Akua


    Yes I can

    Yes You can

    Yes We can, [nam Yesu a )hy( y(n den nti

    Motum ayi

    Ebotum ayi

    Y[botum ay[, [nam Yesu a ]hy[ y[n den nti

    Call and Response

    Afi yea masi mu yi

    Adepa bi a mahy[ ase[

    Adwumaa mas] mu yi

    [nam Christo a ]hy[ me din nti

    (m[k] so)

    (me wie)

    ([b[ y[ yie )

    Verse 1:

    Yaanom abibri mma ei , mo ma y[n s]re ooo

    Na amn rek] agya y[n

    Y[n nya adwene sakyira bi s[

    Y[n so y[ b[tumi ay[ biribi ooo

    [mer[ a , Moses ne Israelfo] nam Sr[sono

    ]soma mpaninfo] du mmienu s[

    Won k] b]hy[ asaase no so nk]hy[

    S[ de[ Nyame aka no w]mu anaa

    Nanso dodo] no k] ba[ no

    ]b[ kaas[ Y[ntumi nfa asaase no

    Y[hunu Anak nanano abranee

    Na y[y[[ s[ mm[b[ won y[n aniso

    Nanso no , Caleb s]re gyinaa badwa nomu

    Kaas[ Yes we can, Yes we can

    [nam Yehowa ]hy[ y[n din no nti


    ]pata koo gyekoo b]nebo Nyame nono

    Otumi ade[ nyinaa y[

    Wiemu gya nsrama

    Otumi ade[ nyinaa y[

    (Chorus) and Call and Response

    Verse 2 (2 times)

    Onyame se menhy[ wo s[

    Hy[den na nya akokuoduro wati

    Mmma wakoma ntutu

    [firi s[ ]ne wo na [nam

    Obedi wakyi daa, Obedi wakyi daa

    Baabiara wonan besi biara no

    ]deh] b[ma wo oo

    Yes you can , yes you

    Yes we can………. ei

    Bridge / Call and Response

    Repeat Chorus (2 times)

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