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    Lyrics: Kakum Picnic by Joey B feat. EL & Stargo

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 30 December 2012 09:43| 1 Comments

    Song: Kakum Picnic
    Artiste: Joey B feat. EL & Stargo

    Verse 1


    Ah buh EL wey place too this?

    Shut up! U figure say everyday we go rap for studio? Rap for here

    We dey Kakum... Kakum park... STUPID!

    JOEY B

    Ye fr3 me s3n?

    Beezy dey come

    Aduna but I'm playing a drum

    Woa nfru dua pa die a, y3n pia wo

    Challe I happy the way everybody come gather around

    E no be anybody we go love play your sound EAZZY

    I dey like play around

    I'm a dreamer, somebody for slap me now

    Me y3 D.K.B.

    She set me trap  e gbee me

    Any show that I play b3 you know a

    Mbaa no s3 me y3 sikyre piii

    Challe as the people pay me, Guarantee i dey make u go crazy

    Any song that I'm on b3 you know a

    Mbaa no s3 me y3 sikyre piii


    If u feel me lemme hear u sing

    Y3 fr3 me s3n? Beezy

    Now if you feel me, lemme hear you sing

    Y3 fr3 me s3n? Beezy


    Its your bwoy star


    The way I high, e go take a few days to

    Shordy dey the car front so my boys for

    So I halla Joey B, Like ma guy

    no long ting

    EL abi you know, me and shordy take an "L" ride in the X 5 Breastina in the body con skirt showing her thighs

    Challe I dey try smooch am, she dey flex bad

    So I tell am to the face, she for try am on the next guy

    Abi you hear

    Why you dey fear?

    Hw3 e no be here

    Your back all go tear! Raaaaaaahhhh!


    Challe if you see E.L

    Ajei if u crush Stargo

    Abeg if you see Mic Smith

    Challe errrrrrm who else

    Abi the problem, Stargo

    Bite what you fit swallow

    Yeah yeah... More weight than a Cargo

    Ahhh yeah.. A dey shine from Afar though


    Challe One shot

    E no be ma fault, E be like I come top

    So me I no for listen what you wan talk

    I be superman, incredible hulk, Hankok

    Challe, e be like your girlie wan fall

    E be like e dey see me like a man Whore

    Cos e know say EL I get the pounds more

    We make e dey rain for the club, I dey flood the town all

    Challe, Make I see you shake am one more

    Do am hard core

    Like a dirty ol slam door

    Yo Shake it till your bum sore


    You better... You better gimme a anchor

    Wey the shordys wanna dey ma top like a prank call

    I be hacksaw, the way I dey cot dema heart more

    Cos I sure say shordy no go get to my round 4


    Challe if you see E.L

    Ajei if u crush Stargo

    Abeg if you see Mic Smith

    Challe errrrrrm who else

    Yo they call me E.L.

    Yeah I know you heard the ME well

    Challe check out the detail

    I dey come for your female

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