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    Lyrics: For Your Love by Flexclusive feat. DeeVs

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 15 January 2013 21:14| 0 Comments

    Song: For Your Love
    Artiste: Flexclusive feat. DeeVs

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    Flexclusive, DeeVs

    Are y'll Ready, Let's go

    Chorus: (Flexclusive)

    For your love

    E no be like say I dey carry go

    For your love, ee eeh

    For your love, woooo

    Baby I'm a sucker for your love

    See the things you dey do for me girl

    Make I love u more, more (3x)

    U know say I go crazy for your lovee, yea eeh!

    Flexclusive (Verse)

    Everything so bright since you came down my way

    Ooooooo ooooo

    And it feels allright cuz you bright up my day

    Ooooo ooooo

    You dey kill me shy I'm searching for the right words to say

    Don't know the words to say

    For your love I pray, make we never go astray

    I go show you I'm the one

    Enti diyen na me nye ma wo

    Enti diyen na me nfa ma wo

    Diye wakuma mo pe biaa

    I go give you what you want

    Enti diyen na me nye ma wo

    I go do it for the smile up on ya face, Eeeeeh


    DeeVs (Verse)

    Aye aye aye aye ooh

    Hmm ahh

    Aye aye aye aye oooh


    Aye aye aye aye oooh

    Ooh ooh ooh girl, Ah

    Fa wakuma no mame e

    Fa wakuma no mame

    Fa wakuma no mame e

    Babyy yer

    Cause it be you.. Na my wifey

    It be you... I go marry

    It be you.. For my pickin

    Eh ee eee yerr

    Odo it be you... Na my wifey

    Oh it be you ... I go marry

    Oh it be you ... For my pickin

    You dey make I dey zingolo

    Golo zingolo, Ayii Ayii ayii

    Golo zing, u dey make I dey zingolo, golo zingolo

    Ayii, Ayii, DeeVs



    Make I love you more, more

    You dey make I love you more, more (2x)

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