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    Lyrics: I Do Love You by Akwaboah

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 18 February 2013 16:00| 1 Comments

    Song: I Do Love You
    Artiste: Akwaboah

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    I still can’t believe this

    I can’t believe I can’t take control of myself babe

    Makoma b) me bang bang bang

    Menfr3 wo anaase me gyae wo ma won k)

    Na menk) su. Babe

    Enka Mr Play boy de3

    Enka ebanosen na me hu obaa ma makoma b) me bang bang bang

    But this feeling is so different

    What reason will I give my heart If I should let you go babe

    Cuz I wanna now you

    Enti Sweety me pe se mene wo di nk)m) ketuabi

    Ayhemeso saa abesi nn3

    De3 ewo makoma mu nyinaa ne s3


    I do love you

    Girl I wona marry you

    Cuz girl I cant live without you

    Cuz you’re the one (yeah)

    You are the only one (yeah)

    You’re my diamond girl

    I wana be with you forever

    (FOREVER) 4X


    I wonder if your father was a thief

    Cuz someone stole the stars from the sky

    And put them in your eyes. Hmm

    Girl im not saying things just to flatter you

    But everything I say, comes from within my heart

    S3 wo gwen s3 me boaaa

    Wode3 hwe, hwe me ho nfifre ne mano epopo

    Fa wo nsa ka makoma hwe se de3 ewoso

    Manka ankyere wo maye meho

    Matumi aka yi de3, magye me 3 points

    What reason would I have given my heart

    If I had let you go babe

    Cuz I know I love you, I know I love you

    Enti sweety metumi ne wo ad ink)m) awie yi

    Ade3 a mehia ne se wo b3 dwen ho

    Na ma me mmuaye aa 3ma anigye3 firise


    Me daa menda woho adwendwen ahyeme ma

    Metumi da nsoa woho day3 nkoa

    Enti peneso ma me3

    Na enye saa biribi b3t) meso

    Cuz girl I wona spend the rest of my love with you


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