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    Shatta Movement Family outdoors Vibrant Faya

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 07 February 2014 00:06| 0 Comments

    SMF the newest realist dancehall record label in the country is outdooring its newest artiste who doubles as the future of dancehall music and a ladies man in Ghana, Vibrant faya.

    Vibrant Faya, the names tells it all, Vibrant means someone who is vigorous, lively and has energy hence that is exactly what he brings to the dancehall genre.
    In talking about his style and nicheness, Vibrant Faya said, he brings the best of real dancehall music which is the yard dancehall music or call it the Caribbean kind of dancehall.

    Commenting about the first single titled: ‘Mampi Vibrant Faya said, the song is dedicated to all plump or plus size ladies in the country who can wine and grind.

    ‘You know dancehall music is about reality, I was in the club one day and chanced on three plus size ladies on the dance floor beating everyone to the slander ladies.  As a yard dancehall musician, I took inspiration from there and came out with this tune; Vibrant Faya explained his inspiration for the first single.

    The ladies’ man in dancehall music, Vibrant faya also mentiond that he is with the family that is living the real dancehall culture in Ghana, the Shatta Movement family hence giving to his fans good dancehall yard music will not be a problem.

    ‘I did not chose dancehall, dancehall chose me, there is no genre that gives you the chance to spread the good message of life than dancehall, he maintained.

    Ghana and the world is about to experience the newest realist talented musician called Vibrant Faya. The artiste doubles as a ladies man, who knows what to say to the ladies to make them smile and happy while he represents the street, says it like it is.
    SMF promises the world the real dancehall culture in Africa using Ghana as a starting point. Their mission is to raise the dancehall genre so high for others to follow.

    Welcome the future of dancehall music Vibrant Faya into the music world.

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