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    Vibrant Faya is far better musician than Shatta Wale - Shatta Movement Family brags

    by Graphic Showbiz
    posted Saturday, 01 March 2014 05:16| 2 Comments

    A young and aggressive group known as the Shatta Movement Family (SMF), who claim to have nurtured popular dancehall artiste Shatta Wale to fame, have come out to say that they have disowned the artiste and asked him to stop using the name of the Movement in his endeavours.

    Members of Shatta Movement, who visited Showbiz offices last week, said they have brought on board a new dancehall artiste, Vibrant Faya, who they believe can push the movementís brand forward. According to them, their new artiste would overtake Shatta Wale in no time.

    ìWe made Shatta Wale who he is and now we are saying it is Vibrant Faya. Shatta Wale betrayed the family by registering the familyís name as his but the Movement is not for any individual and that is the reason we now have Vibrant Faya as a replacement for Shatta Wale,î Cyfa the spokesperson and leader for the Movement said.

    ìWe know Shatta Waleís potential and that of Vibrant Faya and we can say for sure that Vibrant Faya is by far a better musician than Shatta Wale. We have had the opportunity to listen to songs from both artistes and we are confident that Vibrant Faya is the better singerî he said.

    Emmanuel Kojo Quayson aka Vibrant Faya told Showbiz he was glad to have been discovered by the Shatta Movement Family and as an artiste who was to take over from Shatta Wale.

    ìI have learnt so many things since I joined the family. As an artiste with energy and good lyrics. Already I have four hot singles, Mambi, Bad Like We, Pretty Body and The First Day which are all ëkiller tracksí,î he said.

    He said that when it comes to a one on one, Shatta Wale is no match for him and that Shatta Wale himself knows that as well.

    When Showbiz contacted Shatta Wale for his view, he referred this reporter to his manager. His manager, Bull Dog, subsequently made it clear that Shatta Wale is not in competition with anyone because he has already made a name.

    Bull Dog stated that he was waiting to see what Vibrant Faya has to offer Ghanaians. ìShatta Wale is the best dancehall artiste we have in Ghana at the moment and if there is an artiste who thinks he can challenge Shatta Wale, we only wish him luckî

    Commenting on allegations that Shatta Wale stole his brand name from SMF, Bull dog explained that Shatta Wale registered his brand name as Shatta Movement and not Shatta Movement Family.

    ìIt is true that the group helped Shatta Wale but in this world, everyone needs help to be able to survive. Shatta has established himself and is now doing fantasticî he said.

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