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    Life is rough and smooth - Ruff-N-Smooth

    by Chris Koney, JIVE
    posted Thursday, 28 January 2010 18:22| 1 Comments

    In a year when pundits fumed over what appeared as a takeover of GH music by emcees from next-door Naija, it took more or less of a word rumoured to be over-browbeaten to put the breaks on the Naija boys putting them in check. Little did Bullet and Akhan, pronounced as 'I Can', knew their union back in the early part of 2001 was going to save an immense but a troubled GH music nation several years on. Listen to Swagger by Ruff-N-Smooth featuring Stay Jay

    The pair forms the astounding musical group and the “craze” of the moment, Ruff-N-Smooth. Coincidentally, Bullet appears to have a bumpy character but possesses a huge sense of humour which would easily get you to root for him. Watch Swagger by Ruff-N-Smooth featuring Stay Jay

    Akhan is relatively calm, more laidback and with a great heart of fortitude. This was my nippy observation as I touched base with them in the company of their manager, Bola Ray.

    A couple of months ago, a single from the group hit the music nation with an amazing reception, winning the hearts of many music aficionados. Receiving massive rotations and spins on radio, Ruff-N-Smooth quickly became one of the most sort-after artistes, rocking at every gig. With a cheetah’s speed, they invaded GH music with their praises continually sung by every music lover.

    Soon, “Swagger” became a street anthem enjoying a first rate position on the play lists of several disk jockeys. The song has a relatively slow tempo beat interlaced with a multiple blend of musical keys.

    It focuses on a Ghanaian diva-like lady with prominence on the exceptional attributes that make her matchless. A follow-up single placed the duo on the path to iconic status, receiving an enviable fame bigger than their diminutive bodies.

    “Sex Machine” is a mainstream party music with superior potential of commercial success. The hook is much alluring, filled with all armouries to warm a music lover onto the dance floor with ease.

    Filled with much wittiness, the track has a moral lesson of faithfulness and condemns the illicit pursuit of wealth, with meticulous reference to our ladies who fall victim to such vanity.

    Responding to the ideas behind the name Ruff-N-Smooth, Bullet will once again unleash his humorous nature on me. Born Ricky Nana Agyeman, he is very confident and sounded more of a seer. “It simply means life has been rough but smooth now. Though life was extremely difficult at then, we were very focused and bent on making it to the top. It was like a prophecy which would finally see the light of day.”

    According to the Bullet, music is a trade not for everyone but for the chosen ones, a group he forms a central part. “I am of the opinion that music is a calling and not everyone has the inkling for music. I am part of the chosen ones and I was born to do it.

    “That is my mission on earth which I have been up to since 1999 when I dropped my first album. The “Augasco” old boy’s aims and aspirations transcends the skies and until he gets there, he says “I aint stopping.”

    All this while, Clement Bahfor (aka Akhan) had been sipping his strawberry-flavoured drink as he relaxed in the Chaise Longue.

    Apparently, a commercial arts student of the Takoradi Polytechnic, he deferred from school so he could achieve his childhood vision of becoming GH’s most celebrated artist. He reveals he is yet to get into his prime as an artist to dish out the very best of songs.

    “This is the beginning of greater things to come and like I have always said to my friends, Ruff-N-Smooth is bigger than they might think. Music has been my life from childhood and I have always been involved in music.

    “I wanted to get success in what brought me joy then I returned to school to finish up my course. I am very impressed with the turn of events and I know the Lord we serve will always make a way,” he said.

    From their language, they appear to be enjoying the fame and attention currently stirring in their faces.

    “As Bullet rightly stated it feels good and I am loving it after all the years of hustle.” But the “two of a kind” said what their vocabulary is devoid of is any word meaning “complacency.”

    With their fifteen-track album to be released in a few weeks’ time, they are certain of cementing their status in GH music. GH stands up for “Life is Rough and Smooth,” the latest album hitting the stores soon.

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