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    Meet Asantewaa of the Breeze group on Vodafone Icons’ Divas Edition

    by Ama Larbie
    posted Friday, 03 April 2015 13:08| 0 Comments

    Participating in Vodafone Icons’ Divas Edition with the 3-member group, Breeze, Asantewaa believes a good album should have a touch of most genres.

    According to her, “the kind of music people listen depends on their mood and basically, that is I have always seeked to satisfy their soul with my music.”

    Although she is more of the Soul music genre; Asantewaa does not sideline other music genres, but rather displays her versatility especially on Afro-pop/Dancehall rhythms.

    With the strong passion for music, she released 2-singles titled ‘Konko’ and ‘Chinin Chiga’ produced by Sammie Blacc and J-Bux respectively last year.

    The song ‘Konko’ focuses on a heart break experience and has being on the digital radio stations since its release. As at January 3, 2015, ‘Konko’ was number 8 on the Top 50 R&B Digital Radio Tracker Chart and number 15 on Independent Chart.

    ‘Chinin Chiga’ video has also earned massive air play on TV stations like 4Syte, UTV, GHOne, Adom TV and Cine Afrik.

    She has performed on couple of shows in Ghana and beyond including the Urban 233 Tour; Glitz Africa Fashion Week (August 2012), Miss Earth (2012) and several others.

    Born Anita Siaw Bamfo, she won the hearts of the judges during the Divas Edition of Vodafone Icons, and was called out of her group which was evicted to perform with Stephanie Benson at the Finals.

    After which she debuted ‘Mebo Mehu Tuo’.

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