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    Jam Master Jay introduces Virgo

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 09 October 2015 12:49| 0 Comments

    Xtra Large Music about to disturb Ghana Dancehall with newly signed Dancehall act, VIRGO!

    VIRGO, formerly known in the music scene as "Galaxy King" - he was part the dancehall trio "Black Empire" which had Jupitar, Episode and Galaxy King (now known as "Virgo").

    He just dropped his first official single "Better Tomorrow" with the label (Xtra Large Music), produced by JMJ Baby. "Better Tomorrow" is a groovy dancehall joint you'd definitely put on a multiple spin. His carefully elected lyrics and "Gallis voice" (somewhat feminine voice) makes the song a very soothing joint anyone can listen to anywhere and anytime.

    "I grew up from a Reggae music background. My dad is a very strong Reggae & Dancehall fanatic and he naturally made me fall in love with the genre. I formed and led my own music group (Black Empire) in 2006 with other three members and we recorded our first studio record in (2006).

    Along the journey the group couldn't survive be uses we all wanted to embark on our solo careers. So we all split. I went solo in 2008 and been doing my thing as an upcoming act for the past years. I had the chance to work with Mr. Logic of Bad People Entertainment (who was my godfather) who taught me a lot on the journey. Then I also had the chance to work with R2Bees - PaeDae and Mugeez were also very helpful in my career - I've recorded some cuts with them though. Good enough, I got signed to the platinum label, Xtra Large Music, earlier this year (2015). I am here and I am here to give out my all as a musician and I'm grateful to The Lord for the journey thus far; and bless the fans who have waited this long enough to see my ful entry this way. I won't let them down," Virgo corroborated.

    Elorm Beenie, official label publicist for Xtra Large Music explaining the name change from "Galaxy King" to "Virgo" says...."he was known as Galaxy King while he was upcoming - most of the Dancehall & Reggae fanatics knew him as Galaxy King. But coincidentally, Ghana had the Galaxy boys - doing Hiplife and shot into mainstream with that name - which means we can't maintain Galaxy King for our guy (because we don't want conflicting names) so we had to rebrand him as Virgo, simply the zodiac sign under which he was born."

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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