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    Meet Kora; Ghana's new dancehall gem

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 14 October 2015 12:57| 1 Comments

    Upcoming sensational dancehall artiste who goes by the name Kora is poised to take the mainstream scene by storm.

    Real name Raymond Koranteng, who likes to call himself Kora was born in Akwapem Lateh located in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

    According to him, ‘Kora’ his stage name came out combining the first two letters of both his surname and Christian name.

    KORA is also a musical instrument similar to a guitar with versatile rhythms which describes him perfectly when it comes to his composing and delivering skills.

    Inspired right from infancy, Kora witnessed his father play as a member of a band as the emerging 90’s live band genre soared.

    He was also influenced by the late uncle who repeatedly played hit songs by the likes of Shaba Ranks, Chaka Demos and Buju banton. This greatly contributed to his fond of dancehall, hence his passion for the Jamaican genre of music.

    But it was during Kidafest that he got his first shot at doing music and then took it to a more professional level after completing SHS.

    Kora released his first single ‘’Make My Day’’ in 2009 and has since featured on various songs like working with the late Michael Dwamena on a single off his Egozi album.

    He has been featured on singles by George Jara, Tutulapato of TV3’s talented kids fame and many more.

    Currently signed onto Jovac Productions, Kora has been busy working on his upcoming projects with the latest being his upcoming banger ‘’Y3 Chilli’’.

    This new single depicts the level of versatility Kora possesses as an artiste.


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