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    Hiphop Artist Jove Kente release long awaited debut song and video for “She Go Kill Me”

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 29 February 2016 18:13| 0 Comments

    Up-in-coming Hiphop artist Jove Kente is releasing his debut song and video for his single titled “She Go Kill Me” on February 29th, 2016.

    As a relatively new hiphop artist, Jove has spent months working in the studio to perfect his first single, and the release is hotly anticipated by fans across the globe who are looking for new hiphop / hiplife singles from this talented artist.

    In addition to the song, the studio will also be releasing a brand new video. “Finally something different and great to listen to,” says Dj Slim.

    The title track “She Go Kill Me” is a lyrical revolution that infuses killer beats and tones that every fan craves. The track also features FimFim and BJay.

    Fans have been calling for Jove to release a new track for months, and it’s finally coming to fruition with the February 29th release, says his label BlvckGold Nation.

    Layering his laidback flow on top of innovative and minimalistic beats, Jove brings both  powerful skill and decades of experience to his latest hiphop single release.

    As a sound engineer, Jove is more than just an artist who writes rhymes. He’s an artist with a technical side, and he combines both to create truly buzzworthy tracks audiences have never heard before.

    While Jove has spent the last few years developing other artists, his debut track proves his undeniable talent. To experience his debut single head over to www.jovekente.com. You can also listen to Jove’s full EP on the site.

    Learn more about who Jove is, and what inspired him to become a hiphop artist, by visiting www.jovekente.com.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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