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    Ayillah – A naturally-gifted Ghanaian songstress waiting to explode

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 16 June 2016 17:06| 0 Comments

    It is one thing to have a talent yet to be discovered and another to be a star whose shine is only temporarily shrouded by the lack of clear opportunity and circumstances.

    Such is the story of Bolgatanga – based Songstress, Ayillah.

    Ayillah possesses an impeccable voice that goes right into your soul when she sings and a stunning beauty to match.

    She discovered her singing talent as a child in a church youth choir and eventually came to the lime light during the 2013 Vodafone Icons where her group (Ruff Road) lost out to Wiyaala’s Black n Peach group.

    Ayillah currently performs under the Record Label, BBT RECORDS, a budding Record Label based in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region.

    She has done several collaborations with rising Frafra rap star, Soorebia who is also the originator of BBT RECORDS.

    Ayilla’s latest work is a reggae cover for Adele’s Hello. In this song, she proves her incredible vocal prowess by going solo on acoustic in a way that sends a signal that with the right investment in her talent, she could go all the way to the Grammys.

    Ayillah’s Hello cover follows another cover she performed last year for John Legend’s All of Me.

    Both songs were produced by Azcona, also young talented sound engineer working with the BBT brand.

    She is a graduate in HND Marketing from the Bolgatanga Polytechnic and currently works as a field supervisor with an NGO by name ESOKO, whiles chasing her musical dreams.

    Ayillah is inspired by Nigerian songstress, Asa, Celine Dion and Adele and undoubtedly, will soon rise to national stardom when the big record labels come calling.


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