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    Criss Waddle, the lil' soulja of R2Bees

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 04 May 2010 10:00| 1 Comments

    While some kids are selling drugs and grabbing guns, Criss Waddle at a young age wanted more out of life. Ever since the emergence of Chemphe, Tuga, Sarkodie, and more from the city of Tema, Criss Waddle is also determined to breathe more life and attention into his city of Tema with his music. Criss Waddle grew up in one of the most notorious city infested with young emcees, Tema.

    Since he is blessed at a young age, he has putten his education on hold. For now it’s all about music for him but will continue school soon.

    Criss Waddle described to Ghana Music.com how he is young with a matured mind and feels good to be hanging out and being part of the best group right now, R2Bees. “I have another single coming out after ‘Give Me Ur Mind featuring Mugeez’. I actually did that with Paedae titled ‘Sit Down For House’ with videos to beef it up. ”

    Criss Waddle has refused to be led into the life of drugs and violence but has rather sought to making good music and money. Young at age, he looked up to his ‘blood daddy’ and big brother for support and guidance.

    “I was actually born into a music family, my dad is a veteran musician and my big brother is also. It’s in my blood, besides I grew up in the same hood with Paedae and Mugeez and these two people have always been special, so I ended doing almost everything they did, he said.

    “Am a Soldier of R2Bees, so I refuse to be broke even lyrically, however it happens, I make sure I drop something on the beat, that means if I have to do a whole a song from the studio like unaware, I do it, if I get the beat from Killbeatz before I go to the studio, I do it fast too”, he said.

    Criss Waddle has proven himself to be a true ‘lil soulja’ of R2Bees.

    With his album almost finished, fans of him have been really anticipating the arrival.

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