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    Meet Obrafour’s long apprentice ‘Krekete’- A Contemporary Hi -life/Reggae artiste

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 05 April 2017 14:54| 0 Comments

    During the early days of rap sofo’s music career, he mentored and groomed a fellow musician called ‘Krekete’ then a Hip life artiste but graduated into a contemporary Hi-life / Reggae artiste.

    Remember the song – ‘Ghanafuo’ with lines like ‘krekete Ashanti ni ma wohomi so’.

    The contemporary hi-life cum reggae artiste surfaced onto the music scene after proper endorsement many giants in the music circles.

    ‘krekete’ explains his reasons for his long absence as – ‘In my entire life I have always wanted to get things right hence I take my time to learn what ever I put my mind to and the same applies for the music’.

    He added that learning from the rap sofo – Obrafour was a privilege and after passing out, I had to do the right things before coming out with a song that is the course for the delay.

    ‘Kreteke’ who was born in Sunyani is known in real life, as Appiah John Jerry a old student of Opoku Ware Senior High School in Kumasi.

    During his days in school he was called ‘osmosis’.

    Krekete talks about the switch in genre even though he was influenced heavily by hip life genre as – ‘I love Hi-life music even since 2004 when I started the music journey as a hip life artiste but I enjoy telling stories, home grown stories that will connect our people and that is Hi-life music to me’.

    ‘Speaking on the reggae side too, Krekete mentioned that reggae music is in the same line with hi-life in terms of story telling hence I connect the two genres and strike a balance.

    To the music lover, Krekete is saying he has refined Hi-life, the content and delivery for everyone.

    The passion for the music will reflect in all my music when I start the release.

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