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    Kwaw Kese's head to be chopped off

    by nanayawwiredu.blogspot.com
    posted Monday, 11 October 2010 18:10| 0 Comments

    Information reaching nanayawwiredu.blogspot.com/18.COM is that a new duet artiste who hails from Swedru in the Central Region has come to chop off the head of Kwaw Kese, lyrically.

    This new group whose identity we will like to keep to our chest for the mean time, is recording with Lynx Entertainment’s hit man, Richie, on two songs and all targets one artiste the King of the Street, Kwaw Kese.

    Our source made it known that the group is well known in their homeland, Swedru and have being doing music for some time.

    In addition the source added that, this new artiste did not come to make money or do business in the industry, rather they came for the ‘KILL’ on Kwaw Kese.

    Their aim is to disgrace the hip life artiste to their highest ability, this they made known to our source as their reason for coming into the game late, after they have understudied him and all his ways.

    Stressing on the fact that, the Hiplifer Kwaw Kese turns to be insulting industry players in the game, including those who come from Swedru, his homeland soldiers.

    “We have made enough money to keep us alive in the game till the very last time we see the hiplifer go down the drain and then we will back off, the new group told our source.”

    Kwaw Kese, whose new single titled ‘Killer Be Wo last show’, mention names like KOD, Jon Germain, among others, has not gain much presence in the industry for some time now as compared to the previous one, will this attack bring his hype back into the game, since he is known for such acts.

    Probably this new group is looking at using Kwaw Kese as a stepping stone to build a music career, despite their intensions not to stay in the game for long.

    For a man to be the King of the Street, it means every street promotion, including attacks such as these are not too harmful to his life and he will easily survive them rapidly.

    Eyes are still following this story to bring all updates, development and disappointment from both the accuser and accuse and all necessary information will be made public as when we lay hands on it.

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