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    Bra Kevin beats a beast

    by 18dotcom.blogspot.com
    posted Thursday, 04 November 2010 12:24| 0 Comments

    Bra Kevin Beats has being tagged as a beast artiste based in Ghana by some music critics and fans due to the titled of his new single freestyle track “3 Headed Beast”.

    Music lovers say that the artiste has gone overboard with this one, ‘there are so many ways of being creative but to release a song titled ‘3 Headed Beats’, I think Kevin Beats should be watched carefully, one critic told us in an interview.

    It is very hard to understand the artiste; many cannot tell if he was applying weirdness or he is for real attached to a court base religion like the freemasons’ or the Voodoo.

    As we all know music is an art, something in which words and symbols are not taken likely at all, hence the use of any one of them is reviewed with all necessary attention.

    Bra Kevin Beats who claims to be doing rap and beats if innocent of the name he gave to his new song “3 Headed Beast” will be confirming the ignorance Ghanaian musicians who do cut and paste without looking at the implications.

    It is often said that our local musicians do not even understand the art of music they are into, hence they copy image from outside and paste it locally without editing them and at the end of the day, critics plus music fans tag them wrongly.

    He doubles as a beat producer and rapper producing some great hit in the country, should we tag his success to be in the line with his beast, we want to know, because many great achievers in the music world who are both beat producers and rappers are attached to some religion or the other like the voodoo and freemasons.

    Bra Kevin beat whose video was shot by Nana Asihene has a bright future and it will be better if he comes to explain his meaning of “3 Headed Beast” to his fans and music lovers plus critics soon.

    “This is just a freestyle “3 Headed Beats…. Aahhjah”!

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