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    Clap for Eazzy

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Saturday, 04 July 2009 12:08| 3 Comments

    Young ladies like Mzbel, Maudy M, K. K. Vidash, Tiffany, Veeda and Abrewa Nana have become household names and proved their skills behind the mic but the bottom line is you’ll never hear their names come up in a “greatest female rappers of all time” but you will definitely hear Eazzy in some few years to come.

    For someone who was heavily influenced by Beyonce, Keri Hilson, Ciara and of course the late Michael Jackson is yet to reach legendary status but for some months now has been having all the attention with just a single dubbed “Bo Wonsem Ma Me”. Listen to Bo Wonsem Ma Me by Eazzy.

    Then of course there’s the main question, “how did you get into rap music? “I got into music after secondary school in 2003. I worked with Jay Foley (producer of 2131) and Richie the beat maker. I continued with my tertiary education, after which I signed to Lynx Entertainment”, she added.

    More than 10 years after the birth of hiplife, the Ghanaian music industry is still searching for a female MC who is all spit and gets through to people with her lyrics alone as opposed to showing some skin and Eazzy is without doubt the answer.

    Eazzy happens to be one of those females that doesn’t believe in the famed quick road to stardom. She also dabbles in TV presentation, marketing and a whole bunch of stuff.

    When God created this voluptuous, 5’8, fair beauty, he also gave her the ability to connect words, turn them into 48 bars, and add hooks.

    For Eazzy, she wants to bring a fresh kind of energy, talent and sass to every genre of music that she tries her hands at.It looks Lynx Entertainment is poised to make some serious noise in this game this year with Irene Logan, OJ Blaq, Chase and Eazzy’s new albums approaching soon.

    So those who still want to throw money at her still can, it just won’t be down in her g-string, it’ll be at the cash register when you buy her album at your music store.


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