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    Suzzy no go suffer!!!

    by The Buzz
    posted Thursday, 09 July 2009 10:11| 0 Comments

    Although Suzzy Yeboah is new on the Ghanaian gospel music scene, she is making huge waves allover with her first single, ‘I No Go Suffer’. She is a God-fearing young lady who loves God, and has dedicated the rest of her life to sing praise to the almighty God as far as her musical career is concern.

    And with the release of her debut album, Suzzy is well on her way to achieving that, and in addition making a subtle statement that beautiful young women like her can serve God and inspire others to do same.

    She started her musical career, trying to come out with a hiplife album but it never worked. However when she got the calling to do gospel music, she got a recording deal with E&T Productions, a record label based in New Jersey and founded by Eric Addo and Terry Masson. She is hopeful that her association with the label would pave the way for her to grow as a successful musician.

    “Looking at the contract I signed, I think in the next 2 years it will be one of the best labels this world has ever seen. E&T is here to help take Ghanaian music to another level and I hope and pray that the five year contact that I have signed works out great and prove my God given talent to the world, ” comments Suzzy on E&T Productions.

    The 11 track album features fresh and youthful praise and worship songs that Christians and non-Christians alike would love to listen to. In addition to the title track, ‘I No Go Suffer’, there are other tracks like: Odo Ben Ni, Osumbo Ma Me, Chineke Imela, Thank U Lord, Ose Ayeyi, Mogya Bi Akasa, Nyame Bia Ni Ho Tieseno, Meda Wase, Begyi Wayeyi, and a rap version of Thank U Lord. Suzy believes that God has given her a message to deliver to his people through her music.

    She explains that “…the devil has done his worse to stop my musical career but God has done his best to make my musical career a reality (praise the lord)”; hence the title ‘I No go Suffer’.

    Suzzy, who is a fan of established gospel acts like Hannah Marfo and upcoming ones like Erico, is determined to take her music to the people through prayers, concentration and hard work. “I am thankful to God for what I am and what I have now. I believe in God for greater things which I know will happen soon. But that doesn’t mean I have it all; I only believe in God and his works. I want other people to know and see my testimony, so they will believe in God,” comments Suzzy.

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