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    Make way for Kobla

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 26 August 2012 21:11| 0 Comments

    If you don't see Kobla's name floating around, then you aren't following hip hop music too closely nowadays in Ghana.

    Kobla has been grinding for a few years now. His voice and lyrics are enough to captivate any true hip hop head.

    “My aim is to write my name in the history books as a real rapper", who told his story as it was. Ofcourse being the best of his generation and a few others to come, it is undeniable this will inspire up and coming artistes to be original because everyone has a unique story to share, making each person different from the other rather  than tell the life style of say an American on your record when there’s a lot happening around you", he said.

    Kobla who has been influenced by Obrafour, Joe Frazier, Fabolous, Nas, Talib Kweli and lately J. Cole. Cole has been under the radar for a few years but he'd say he has made some serious stride in being recognized.

    Even though his name might not be that well known he has worked with Jayso, EL, Trigmatic, Bra Kevin, US rapper – Blakstarhs and Logic Jr.

    Similar to most artistes, new hiphop entrant,  Kobla finds hiphop to be a creative outlet to express himself.

    “I have always had great passion for music from my Sunday school church  days where I was part of the choir but this whole music thing really hit me when I was 13years old thus when I wrote my first 16bars”, he said.

    Kobla embraced the elements of rapping long before he could fully understand what they were. His sound today screams classic hiphop at a young age. He also recalls his SHS days when he was so shy to approach a girl and had to write rhymes anytime she came around him and indirectly spoke to the girl through his raps.

    For a well educated young individual you might expect that this emcee experienced some of conflict between rhyming and education that the majority of his peers did; however  Kobla is quick to let Ghana Music.com know he is going all out as a hiphop soldier.

    While chatting with Ghana Music.com, Kobla also touched on his mixtape. His mixtape holds ten solid hip hop songs integrated with Ghanaian feeling. His rhymes and the lyrical content is something which will always catch anyone’s attention when it's been played.

    Kobla also disclosed that he has already drop a mixtape that talks much about his life; from his supportive late mum, his hustle and his success which is seen coming his way.

    His debut album titled, “The Blues” is ready so the already established hip hop acts in Ghana should be ready for some real competition when he drops his album.

    More recently, his songs has been featured on Ghana Music.com. If you missed all the free music and other singles he dropped, I suggest to look him up this year.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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