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    SenyoMolife & Friends sing for Peace

    by nanayaw18.com
    posted Tuesday, 02 October 2012 11:02| 1 Comments

    The inspirational musician behind the popular motivational song New Day senyoMolife is back with another master piece but this time campaigning for peace in the song GHC 1.

    SenyoMolife disclosed that, he chose to do a peace song because it is something inevitable, Ghana will be peaceful before, during and after the elections this year hence as an ambassador for motivation he wants to use his little voice and talent given him by God to strongly advocate that.

    He mentioned: ‘I want Ghanaians to picture a military man crying with a baby and gun in his / her hand’. Everybody knows that military is the highest form of discipline in our security sector hence if a whole military man is sharing tears and fighting to save a child, it tells you how important it is for we all to join hands in advocating for peace’.

    He maintained: ‘this song title GHC1 has a simple meaning which is, most of the time we say we are one people and we share common destiny, it looks like some of us unfortunately do not understand it’. This is how I understand, every great citizen of this country should check his / her pocket or wallet or any where they keep money, I am very sure the least amount of money they will have is GHC1 hence we are united by one common denominator and that is a strong bond.

    The interesting thing is, with instability in the country it affects the economy and this is what happens: ‘even if you are the highest paid or the richest man in this country, your wealth will suddenly turn into ordinary papers because the Outside world will stop trading with the cedis, that means every one’s money, whether government official or layman, our cedi value becomes meaningless hence we need to stand for peace, SenyoMolife noted.

    ‘GHC1 peace song project is an initiative to unite us all as one people hence in achieving that, I assembled artiste like Guru, D-flex, Charles B and Smoby to aid in this project. The song will be premiered on Wednesday 3rd October 2012 on two radio stations in the country, he stressed.

    He finally contended that, peace is for all; I mean as creative men, we should use our strength of creativity to tab into the minds of the people making sure we place the importance of peace in this country in their mind with our creative works.

    Get closer to your radio set come 3rd of October as the initiative advocating for peace will be premiered with a video coming in November. Remember if it is about Ghana, then it is about GHC1, get a download link now for peace is not optional but a necessity – SenyoMolife saying.

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