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    Freeman roots for the young ones with his lyrics

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 24 August 2009 17:54| 2 Comments

    If you don't know who Freeman, let me introduce you to not only a rapper with one of the sickest flows in the game, but also to an impressively lyrical rapper.


    Some say the Toronto based Freeman is touted as the best unsigned rapper alive and his fans are feverishly waiting for his music video, hit songs and possibly some freestyle joints.


    Always a studious and articulate student growing up in Canada, it was difficult for Freeman to pay studio bills when he fast landed in Toronto but now everything is at ease.



    Freeman's style of rhyming could be best described as visual, dramatic, descriptive, historic, religious, abstract and even ancient. “People give my song writing an A +.You could tell by my lyrics and flow. I don’t wanna compare any artist to me because my style is different and I know I do write the best lyrics”, he bluffed.



    Freeman, was an idol name he adopted from SSS school days in Ghana. “The late Spinash Freeman was a DJ from Ghana who I used to listen to every day which made my schoolmates call me Freeman. RIP Spinash Freeman”, he added.


    Freeman paints the music scene in Canada as "Honeho" - good and bad. “A times you have to be known before you get shows in Canada”, Freeman added.


    For those of you, who may be only vaguely familiar with his work, don't worry. Apparently there's a lot more coming from this uniqueness for someone who uses internet radio stations in Canada, the social network website, Face book and the online video sharing website, YouTube to prop up himself more.


    It wouldn’t be long, as Freeman has made a vow to influence his song on young people because he will be touching on things that happen in Africa especially Ghana.


    He wants to engrave his name in the game like how artistes like Reggie Rockstone, AB Crenstil, Obour, Obrabour, Tinny, P Square, D Banj and Sarkodie, Guru, Yaa Pono, NT4 FBS.

    Let us know what you guys think and feel free to throw any questions you may have for Freeman at us on info@ghanamusic.com, so that we may have him on hand for a future follow-up.



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