The new kid making waves with Afrobeats - Jaij Hollands

    Jaij Hollands, born Jehieli Afrifa Boateng hails from Amsterdam in the Netherlands and currently resides in South London, United Kingdom. Hollands is a multi-genre recording artist widely known for his rugged vocals on 'Alkayida' type drum patterns. Jaij was first introduced to music in primary school and took music lessons to further develop his musical knowledge.


    Hiphop Artist Jove Kente release long awaited debut song and video for “She Go Kill Me”

    Up-in-coming Hiphop artist Jove Kente is releasing his debut song and video for his single titled “She Go Kill Me” on February 29th, 2016.


    Kweku Bizkit to release ‘Swing it’ song on Feb.29

    If there is any name in the Ghanaian music industry that could force a smile on your face whilst plunging you into a state of bewilderment and awe, that name will surely be the young urban, Afrocentric singer Kweku Bizkit. This name makes Fred Durst’s Limp Bizkit sound almost less hilarious.


    Pete Menz embarking on a mission to lead God's people

    Pete Menz has only one purpose to lead Gods people into his presence. A worship leader with soul winning as at heart.


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    Who wins Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2016 'Artiste of the Year'