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    Bisa Kdei to sound track album

    by Eugene Osafo-Nkansah, peacefmonline.com
    posted Tuesday, 14 May 2013 18:11| 3 Comments

    Highlife musician Bisa KDei who became famous with Azonto Ghost from the Azonto Ghost movie is ready for the album launch of Azonto Ghost come May 20.

    Songs on the famous Azonto Ghost track are Big Boy, Aseda, Metanfo, Asew, Check, Minbo Hu and Swag Loop.

    The album produced by movie producer Mustapha Album popularly known in showbiz as A.A is expected to one of Bisa’s debut album since he started his music career five years ago.

    All songs on the album are sound tracks for movies Metanfo, Mogya Kron Kron, Azonto Ghost and Azonto Ghost Reloaded and were recorded by Bisa KDei himself.

    Bisa KDei believes Ghanaians are going to like all tracks on the song. “I really took my time to do all the songs on the album and I believe Ghanaians would love. The Azonto Ghost was a hit but the other tracks on the album are also mind blowing” Bisa said.

    According to Bisa, there are a lot of hit songs he’s done in the past for several movies but it was Azonto Ghost that made him popular.His recent music video Over which he featured Kojo Nkansah aka Lil Win

    was a good one.

    The producer of his up-coming album, A.A said the album will be released together with part 3 of the Azonto Ghost Reloaded movie.

    “The album of comes with part 3 of Azonto Ghost Reloaded and it’s going for only GH ¢ 10, I have listened to all the tracks and they are mind blowing.” A.A said.

    He explained that the same day Azonto Ghost Reloaded 3 and the Azonto album will be out the same time.

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