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    Gifty Osei introduces new terms on her new album “Jesus Be Too Much”

    by Stephen K. Nakujah, flexghana.com
    posted Wednesday, 22 January 2014 14:29| 2 Comments

    Sensational female gospel icon Gifty Osei is almost done with her latest and third album titled ''Jesus Be Too Much''.

    Gifty Osei who most people choose to call Mama Gee or better still God's Empress, (a name she got from her tour in the United States of America) is done with her recordings, waiting to release her latest album anytime soon.

    Gifty Osei appeared in the gospel music industry in the year 2007 with her hit song 'Aseda' which guaranteed her nominations in the Ghana Music Awards and she subsequently came out with her second album also titled 'Wafira Me Ntom' which had hits songs like 'Alon-Zee,' 'Epikye' and the 'Fefeefe.' This album won her the Gospel Album of the Year and the Gospel Artiste of the Year awards in the 2012 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards powered by Charterhouse.

    Gifty Osei's albums are produced by Blessed Production owned by her husband Prophet Prince Elisha Osei, leader of Blessed Generation Ministry. With this recent album, Gifty Osei will be fully managed by Flex Entertainment.

    This reporter has had the privilege to listen to the songs on the album and can confidently tell you that, it will take Gifty Osei international. It has a variety of songs: R& B, Worship, Adowa, Raggae and others done in Nigerian local dialects and Efutu, the local language of the people of Senya Breku.

    Very soon our airwaves will be greeted with the arrival of Gifty's latest album. Watch out because this is a step up in Gifty's music career.

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