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    Akwantufuo records new album

    by Awo Mills
    posted Thursday, 20 August 2015 14:35| 0 Comments

    Joseph Adjei Boateng and Ebenezer Adomako known in the showbiz industry as ‘Akwantufuo’, are composers, lead vocalists and guitarists and one of the country’s best known Reggae/Dancehall stars.

    They have been active since the 2000’s.With over 15 years of experience in the music business, Akwantufuo have won the admirations Ghanaian music lovers and a few musical awards from the Music Industry.

    Akwantufuo continuous to release new albums, and they  are now set to release a new album in November, in addition to the 2 albums that they already have under their name, which includes hits like Welcome, Eternity, Rastafarian Society, Natural Inspiration, Fallen Soldiers and Heavenly Smile. This new album has its title withheld until the launch is done. It has 14 tracks of original form of Reggae/Dancehall music that Ghanaians cherish.

    In an exclusive interview with Akwantufuo in one of the renowned recording studios in Accra, they explained that, their main aim is to take Ghana music international and also working very hard to improve upon their musical career and have no plans of retiring anytime soon.

    Akwantufuo are musicians of substance; their careers have been a smooth one with the public always appreciating their energy.

    With Akwantufuo in the studio cooking their new cuts, their fans are expecting nothing short of what they always do.

    “Management have made arrangements for us to travel to the United Kingdom to arrange, mix and master our final piece in one of the best studios in Europe in the coming months”, they stressed.

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