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    Evans Mireku’s latest out soon

    by George Clifford Owusu, Daily Guide
    posted Wednesday, 21 January 2009 11:20| 0 Comments
    Photo: Daily GuideOne of Ghana’s young hiplife artistes, Evans Mireku aka Don Ziggy has indicated that all is set for the release of his third CD album, Sika Asem Aye Den, in April this year.

    The danceable title track is a fast mid-tempo rendered in dancehall, with a beautiful rhythm and great bass tune and drumbeats to match. The song which has been described as a wonderful piece brings out the hidden talent in the artiste.

    According to Evans he had worked tirelessly to make his third album a unique one, adding that his main aim was to be among the best and also rub shoulders with those already on the top of the charts.

    He said currently what was more important for him was for the album to hit the market and make a lasting impression on the minds of not only music buyers but everybody.

    He told Beatwaves that although he had three albums to his credit his main aim as a hiplife artiste was to reach the top as well as make it on the international music scene.

    The album has 10 tracks on the CD and eight on cassette and would be released on both the local and international music markets in April this year. It has danceable tracks like Odo Bra Yensa, Krokro Wodofo, Odo Sanbra, Ohemaa Nti, Abrokyere Abrabo among others.

    A complete instrumental piece, the album features indigenous Ghanaian rhythms, creating refreshing compositions that tend to capture and sustain the interest of the listener.

    The lyrics on the album are carefully chosen in order to communicate to the downhearted as all the songs on the album have highly sensitive themes.

    Evans told Beatwaves: “I am putting my best into music in order to come out with good songs that will educate the masses on issues affecting the society because I love Ghana”.

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