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    Stephanie Kwakyewaa set to release her 3rd album

    by zionfelix.net
    posted Monday, 31 October 2016 12:49| 0 Comments

    Two (2) years after her second album, Stephanie Kwakyewaa known in the music Industry as “Obaapa Steph” is set to release another hit album.

    Stephanie Kwakyewaa, one of the household names when it comes to Gospel music in Ghana is readying to hit the Ghanaian music scene with her third album this December. After two (2) years of album drought and away from music “Obaapa Steph” is set to release yet another hit album called “Awurade Gye Me”, which literally means God should save me.

    When asked why such a long time, she said God was preparing her for greater height and this was the perfect time to reappear unto the music arena.

    She added that Gods time was the perfect time with which he makes all things beautiful. She also stressed that, she was doing Evangelism and propagating the word of God in some selected charismatic churches in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region where she hails from.

    “Nyame Tease” means my God is alive which happens to be her favourite track on the album has a nice medley of songs. It is a combination of both worship and praises. She claims the inspiration for writing her songs comes from above and also through hard work.

    The album, she said, has a total of 10 tracks on the CD, including tracks like ‘’ Me Gyefo Tease, Heaven, Nkunim Di, Oye Mame, among other interesting tracks.

    The lyrics of the album, which are inspiring, were arranged with sensational rhythms, with a fusion of drum beats, base and guitar rhythms own]=Never

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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