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    Okyeame Kwame set to release

    by 1Mic Entertainment
    posted Saturday, 08 May 2010 13:31| 1 Comments

    After starving his fans and the world in general of a new album due to academic commitments, Ghana's rap doctor, Nana Kwame Nsiah Apau popularly known as Okyeame Kwame will be releasing a new album soon.

    According to Mrs Annica Nsiah Apau, wife of Okyeame Kwame and Product & Brands Development manager of 1 mic entertainment, the ace rapper will be releasing a new album after releasing "M'anwensen".

    Okyeame Kwame, a multi-award winner, CEO of 1Mic Entertainment and MTN and Coca Cola icon, is set to release one of the greatest music albums of our time with acts like Sarkodie, Ayigbe Edem, Morris D'Voice, Tattoo, the Bradez, Abrantie Amakye Dede, Asem, Richie, Irene Logan, Efyah, Tinny and some up and coming music acts based in Kumasi.

    Mykapitalradio.com has also confirmed that Richie, Kaywa, Morris, Killbeats, Hammer, Appietus, Jay Q, Nacee and Kuntakinte (the comeback kid) are the brains producing the various songs that are going to be a fusion of hiplife, hiphop and some inspirational songs on the album.

    In a bid to promote talent, Okyeame Kwame will be working with some other great and relatively unknown acts in Kumasi.

    Proposed album titles include "The Clinic", "Best Rapper Alive", "Mr. versatility" and "Blood, Sweat and Tears"

    Asked whether there shall be a diss song on the album, Mrs Nsiah Apau said "the question even disrespects and undermines Okyeame Kwame's image.Dissing songs and his brand does not go pari passu".

    She further stressed that the album is based on a theme of social change and seeks to address social problems and solutions.

    The lyrics will be conscious, soulful, inspiring and entertaining.

    She also explained the elements of the main album namely, great rhythms, african orientation and exceptional poetry and further stated that the rapper will use more african elements and poetry.

    One very notable and exceptional bit about the yet to be released album is the fact that Kunta Kinte will be doing one of his first personal commercially known productions on the album, which is to further cement his stand as a complete musician in the Ghanaian Music Industry.

    Annica Nsiah Apau also expressed excitement for the fact that the ace rapper is almost a graduate pending his final graduation in June.

    "The clinic", "Best Rapper Alive", "Mr. Versatility","Blood, Sweat and Tears", which do you think should be the album title?

    Watch this space for updates on the greatest music album of our time.

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