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    Quata breaks triple with Paradise Entertainment

    by Nana Yaw Wiredu, entertainmentinghana.com
    posted Tuesday, 09 November 2010 18:12| 0 Comments

    After going through recess time, Quata has finally settle for a two year working, recording and promotional contract with his new family Paradise Entertainment.

    To start off the deal, he will be a back to back with an extra benefit for fans as he shoots triple videos within a forth night.

    Breaking his silence and happiness for his new deal Quata said: ‘I will be doing three videos in a roll between a limit of forth night’.

    Further on he added, ‘we will be shooting 'Take Me Home' featuring Sarkodie, 'Rough Rider' and ‘Yekokoaa’. I'm really an honoured to be signing this deal.

    Have gone through a lot of back and forth. This contract making sure everything is right in it, makes every party including myself happy that officially, Quata is in the paradise net’, he stressed on laughing.

    With almost a month a way to end the year, Quata looks forward in using this periods to test the market and see how responses will go like before kicking with hard promotions.

    Quata: ‘the album is tight, every single song on it, is in good shape to sweep any one of its feet whether to dance or distress and personally I can’t wait to release the songs for the whole of Ghana, specifically my fans’.

    In his final words, Quata made known that his gratitude goes out to Paradise Entertainment for having time to allow him review the deal plus signing him and to his fans, he really appreciates the patience they have given him all these years after a major support for his last album.

    In conclusion, he made note that: ‘these videos that are about to be shot will not only make a mark but memorable ones, these are videos you can watch over and over again’.

    A clean score here Quata, fans can’t wait to have an experience with the new album and the new videos.

    Always remember, One man no chop……

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