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    Jon Germain to release second album February

    by Ernest Dela Aglanu, myjoyonline.com
    posted Thursday, 05 January 2012 20:32| 0 Comments

    After the successful release and entry into the Ghanaian music scene with the album, This Is Who I Am, in 2009, host of Allo Tigo, Jon Germain is set to release his second album, ENiGMA, in February.

    Jon who is widely known for his radio and television presenting prowess stunned the world when he announced he was going into music, a passion he said he had harboured for years.

    Unlike many who will easily venture into popular genres in Ghana like Hiplife, Gospel, Hi-Life and Reggae, Jon launched what was arguably the first ever authentic pop and rock album.

    The This Is Who I Am album chalked a lot of milestones. The title track, In My Head received over 100,000 downloads on iTunes alone and the album also received nominations at the 2010 Ghana Music Awards, Most Gifted RNB at the 2010 Channel O Awards, the 2010 SoundCity Music Video Awards in Nigeria, and the Voter Choice Song of the Year in Africa at the Africa Music Awards in New York.

    Rock superstar, Chris Martin of Coldplay also declared his love for the song, Quiver.

    ENiGMA has 15 songs - six rock, five R&b, two dance and two remakes from the first album. Jon Germain told Myjoyonline.com in an interview that the songs on the album, “is the best collection of songs I have ever written.”

    He explained that the title of the album, “Enigma means someone or a person or a thing that is mysterious, puzzling and difficult to understand. It seems after the release of my [first] album, people saw me as such.”

    He recounted that, “a famous musician called me and said you are an enigma after he heard my album, so I thought I use that”.

    His first single, In Her Arms produced by Kaywa, is expected to be out in a few days time. Jon revealed that, In Her Arms which he wrote while watching a movie some months ago is his favourite adding, the song made him realized that “I could be a better singer if I concentrated on the music more.”

    Other tunes on the album include, Bitter, Trembling Heart, Tell Me, With Great Intent, Time, and Tonight We Making A Baby.

    As to which artistes are making appearances on the album, Jon said they are three big international artistes, adding, “That’s the surprise on the album. That’s a secret for now.”

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