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    Jupitar to drop 2 albums every year

    by ghamaicans.com
    posted Sunday, 01 April 2012 22:25| 0 Comments

    Jupitar – the new ‘peppery Dancehall voice’ on the Ghanaian scene says he is very optimistic about winning the award for ‘Reggae Song of the Year’ category in this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards due for this April. He is nominated alongside Blakk Rasta, Kese, Edem, Sonni Balli, Stonebwoy/Samini in the same category.

    Speaking further on his nomination, Jupitar says “being nominated for Ghana Music Awards is no mean achievement at all. What is takes 3 years for others to achieve, it took me just 4 months to achieve. Dat really show how good I am yuh seeit. It’s all about good works and commitment. I want to tell the whole of Ghana to watch out more for Jupitar. I will be dropping 2 albums every year. Lo and behold, with God on my side everything will work well for me. I want the whole of Ghana to vote for me. Jah know”.

    Jupitar was speaking to Ghamaicans over the weekend at his exposure party at Club 11 in Kanda – Accra, Ghana. The party dubbed - “ Jupitar & Friends Exposure Party” – free copies of Jupitar’s CD Sampler was given out to some fans alongside the ‘clubbing’ session. “The exposure party certainly is a platform for me to relate well and more with my fans. I remember one time me was passing around and nuff people dem cbalwing out…a who Jupitar, a who Jupitar..so me feel fi get closer to di people so dem coulda know me. This party is not just about myself but celebrating the music which we do – Dancehall and Reggae for that matter. It’s all a good feeling yuh know… me feel too good enuh” he explained.

    Responding to people who see dancehall music as a violent music or profane genre, Jupitar says “…I don’t really agree with that because Dancehall music was extracted from Reggae music. When yuh see di likes of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh who were pioneers of the game, they always preached peace, love and unity in their songs. And that is what I man Jupitar stands for seen.

    But yow, trust me…some people try to preach violence with Dancehall music but that is not what I am about. When me seh buss a gun pon a bwoy face, in nuh really mean seh me waan shoot somebody. It jus a proverbial way of singing and that alone relates to studio work…seen…”

    Jupitar’s has become one of the popular music talents in Ghana now, within a space of just one year. According to some fans who attended his Exposure party over the weekend,  ‘’Jupitar is a good brand for the Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall industry” and they believe “Jupitar is a promising face that would take Ghanaian Dancehall to the international stage.”

    Jupitar says he "looks forward to international assignments where he would be recording with Busy Signal, Vybz Kartel, Mavado and others; as well as stepping on international stages with Dancehall brewed in Ghana."

    Other popular Ghanaian music artistes who passed through the session were Bandana, Asem, 5Five, Kay Tee, LouisaFever, Eazzy, Gully Princess, Partan, among others.


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