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    Bismark Takyi to outdoor album soon

    by Daily Guide
    posted Sunday, 26 August 2012 07:38| 1 Comments

    Bismark Takyi. Photo: Ghana Music.comOne of Ghana’s upcoming gospel musicians, Bismark Takyi, who has worked closely with a number of gospel music stars for a decade, has announced that all is set for the release of his maiden album titled, ‘Akyedie’.

    Bismark, who is not new in the gospel music industry, is one of the Ghanaian gospel musicians who have composed songs for a lot of other gospel musicians. Bismark’s talent of composing songs however started at his tender age.

    Hard work and the determination to succeed have helped him successfully carve a niche for himself and is now a force to reckon with when one talks about gospel music.

    Bismark’s album which is yet to be aired on some local radio stations in the country comprises 10 danceable tracks with inspiring lyrics and good backing vocals.

    He told BEATWAVES that he was ready to put his best into music in order to come out with good songs that will educate the masses on issues affecting the society.

    Bismark hinted that he has finished work on the album and it would be released very soon onto the market.

    A skilled musician with over 10 years work experience, Bismark has explored a variety of genres in his maiden album.

    Some of the songs on the album are ‘Ene Me Nye Adwene’, ‘Enka Enye’ ‘N’adom’, ‘Sore’, ‘Hosanna’ featuring Kofi Sarpong and ‘Be Lifted Up’ among others with good drumbeats and choruses. Almost all the songs on the album are fast-paced, a feature likely to be appreciated by every music lover.

    Bismark, who for the past ten years has groomed himself into a complete music icon, knows how to make music fans happy. He is among a few gospel musicians who can thrill music fans with spectacular performances at all times.

    His music is a combination of excellent song writing skills, good vocals and instrumentation. The album is full of catchy, easy to sing along tunes with immense commercial potential. It is set to create stiff competition for established artistes, particularly those in the gospel music scene.

    As one of the upcoming music giants who pride themselves in dynamism, Bismark is comfortable with change. His music, a hybrid of gospel music with dance, band arrangements, thought-provoking and inspiring lyrics, is yet to gain international recognition.

    In his title song ‘Akyedie’, Bismark refers to the fact that God has given believers the strength to overcome the fear of Satan and his evil plans, the power to crush and run him over like the train does to all on its path. He also believes that God uses music to reach his people so gospel music lovers must always listen to the lyrics of the song to get the message.

    ‘Ene Me Nye Adwene’ has a good and beautiful instrumentation and a fine sound quality. Though the backing vocals are a little low, it does not affect the beauty of the song. ‘Enka Enye’ kicks off with the voice of Bismark opening to a mid-tempo dance beat.

    ‘Akyedie’ and ‘N’adom’ are dance tunes which are followed by ‘Sore’, an extremely good tune, which is vigorous, slow-paced and also very appropriate for praise and worship.

    The tempo comes down briefly with ‘Hosanna’ and then goes into a beautiful lively song which brings out the best in the voices and the instrumentation.

    The album was produced by YNC Productions under the management of Pristine Hub Limited, a Christian Multi Media organization.

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