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    Asem to drop 2 singles on his upcoming 3rd album

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 25 January 2013 17:54| 15 Comments

    Award winning rapper / songwriter ASEM who recently announced a collaborative album project with Dance Hall King Samini with the release of a single 'Running Away' is yet to get radio and the industry buzzing again as he's ready to unleash two new songs of his third album titled TOUGH TIMES DON'T  LAST [T.T.D.L ].

    The hip life /hip hop star who already has two albums to his credit has been talking a lot about this T.T.D.L album on twitter [https://twitter.com/AsemWORLD]  and claims this is his best work so far and can't wait for his fans to hear it.

    The two singles titled 'Wasted'( Y3bow Y3bow) and 'Love' will be released online and radio on Tuesday 29th Jan .When asked about the nature of songs ASEM said out of the songs he's recorded so far he chose these two because of how different they are and his fans have never heard him like this.

    He went on further to explain in details that 'Wasted' which was produced by Magnom talks about 'Living the life you love' and 'loving the life you live' and how people go through stress to work so hard,make money yet forget to party and have fun. It is an Afro beat up tempo groove for the party goers and the edgy energy is guaranteed to pack dance floors all over the globe and get music lovers singing and jamming till day break.

    'Love' which was produced by Eyoo 'Sound Boy' like the title suggests is for the lover in you. The song tries to dig with simple lyrics deep into the complexities of the subject matter and the different schools of thoughts that explains the four letter word.

    Asem said though other artists have tackled this same issue his choice of simple wording and easy sing along melodies will make it a lovers favourite during this Valentine Season and beyond.

    Unlike 'Wasted', 'Love' is a mid tempo blend of soft pop/high life accompanied with sweet piano and guitar strings laced with African drums and percussion.

    The WBDN Records Ceo concluded by saying like wine he's getting better over the years and if third time being a charm is anything to go by, this T.T.D.L album which is scheduled for release in July will echo his name in corridors of homes all over the world due to the level of artistry exhibited in the writing,composition and production of music and with the right push and God's help, the Grammys is just a step away.

    Follow Asem on twitter @AsemWorld and http://www.asemmusic.com/ for info on times and radio stations the new songs will be aired on tuesday.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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