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    Daughters of Glorious Jesus

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 23 March 2010 12:50| 10 Comments

    Daughters of Glorious Jesus. Photo: Ghana Music.com

    The Daughters of Glorious Jesus emerged on the Ghanaian musical scene in 1990 with their hit song Anwanwa Do. Two years later, in 1992, the group came out with Mebo Yesu Din Daa. It was one of the successful albums of the young trio, Cynthia, Edna and Monica. The album won Entertainment and Critics Association of Ghana (ECRAG), Best Gospel Group in 1992.

    They followed it up with Mesom Awurade Daa in 1994. This album won Cynthia the ECRAG, Best Female Vocalist Award in 1996. Then the group came out with Asomdwe Hene and Ngyae Mpae Bo Da, which featured Edna as the lead singer and they followed it up with a remix of their maiden album, Anwanwa Do.

    With a bang they release Nea Yehu album in 2000, which confirmed their dominance on the Ghanaian gospel landscape. In 2003, the group released Aseda which saw them recounting their trails, tribulations and their miraculous deliverance from death.

    Back in 1987, the Daughters of Glorious Jesus started as part of the choir of the Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries, then headed by the late Rev. Francis Akwasi Amoako. The three teenage girls, who were part of the choir, were fond of one another and performed musical shows together anytime they had the least opportunity.

    Later on, when the current General Overseer of the Church, Bishop Akwasi Asare Bediako, realised the potential in these teenage girls, he encouraged and motivated them to have the sky as the limit. They were transformed from the ordinary Cynthia, Edna and Monica group to the great name, the Daughters of Glorious Jesus. The Bishop took them along each time the church had a crusade or programme anywhere for song ministration.

    By dint of hard work and by virtue of their determination to succeed, they were able to successfully carve a niche for themselves and are now a force to reckon with when one talks about the gospel scene. It is therefore no wonder that at the recent Ghana Music Awards programme, the Daughters of Glorious Jesus won five out of 14 competitive awards, including the Best Album of the Year.

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