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    posted Monday, 30 July 2012 21:26| 0 Comments


    DXD is a Ghanaian Afrbeat or Afro-pop /(rapper/singer) /composer/song writer/performer and a well rounded musician who was born and raised in Accra but hails from aroyal family in the northern part of Ghana Tamale to be precise.

    Born Suleihu Dawuni Adams, DXD loved music as a kid, but truly discovered his music potential at age thirteen during his JHS days. Prior to him discovering his talent, he was widely influenced by music’s from his parent’s collection from the likes of UB-40, BOB MARLEY, KOJO ANTWI, SIRINA ISSAH and the likes, then at the age of thirteen he started listening to the likes of NAS, JAY-Z, 2 PAC, NAUGHTY BY NATURE and a host of other hip-hop musicians.

    DXD started out as a hiphop artiste moving from one talent hunt to the other, one radio station to the other for rap battles and was highly celebrated back then by his numerous music fans who knew him back then as SUPA SLAM, until quite recently, past experiences and maturity in growing up made him realize he needed a name that best suit  him as a Ghanaian and an African for that matter, and that’s how come the name DXD came to being, with the D standing for DAWUNI which happens to be his middle name and the X standing for “Xtraordinary” without the E and then the D standing for DAWUNI again.

    DXD’s Music career got effective after the change of name when he decided to take to more singing than rap. His first commercial mainstream single after he slowed down on Hip-Hop was “BREAK YOUR BODY” which really got him into the public eye with heavy rotation all over the Night Clubs, Pubs and Radio Stations as well as heavy rotation on the African Beat on VOA (voice of America).

    He did some major TV appearances like appearing on ETV’s Late Night Celeb Show as a discovery, also appeared on Crystal TV as the Guest Host for the entertainment show “SOUND BLAST” and also on Crystal TV’s Saturday Morning Show.

    DXD has performed on a lot of big platforms like TV3’s “Music Music” as well as the TV3 festival trains. He’s also performed on giant communication platforms such as MTN, TIGO and VODAFONE Shows.

    He has also shared stage on Bola Ray's Empire Entertainment with the likes of R2bees, Kwaw Kesse and any other big acts.

    Quite recently DXD was hosted for an exclusive one hour interview on the African Beat on VOA with David Vandy.

    For a rising artiste to have chocked all this success in just a short period of time, obviously indicates the fact that there is much more to be desired in his talent and the future.

    DXD is set to release to new singles titled “BUMP ‘N’ GRIND” and “LIKE JUJU” first week in August and “BUMP ‘N’ GRIND” video premieres the following week under his new Management “360DEGREES”.

    So all fans be on the lookout, this songs are forces to reckon with, within the Ghanaian music industry and across the world.


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