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    by nanayaw18.com
    posted Tuesday, 16 August 2011 14:34| 0 Comments


    Hip Life new entrance from the NY city of Ghana, Nima to be precise, E.com is bringing the heat to the capital with their new single and video 'Accra is burning'.

    The two, made of Bunny and Adjaho are poised to make a successful entry into the music world with the debut appearance with video which was shot by AB who doubles as the beat maker.

    According the group, E.com has a bright future; they have songs on their upcoming first untitled album which will be launched after some single releases within the year counting from now.

    Bunny a member of the duet said, 'we have come a long way, as young guys who we are not new in the music world but we are new and we know that all efforts will be crowned with success'.

    In talking about the debut single, Adjaho added his voice saying, 'Accra is burning' has a simple concept, E.com is bringing the heat from Nima into the game, a well packaged artiste whose dream is to do business in music and not beef anybody.

    Further on both of them (Bunny & Adjaho) disclosed that, the video is currently enjoying massive TV air play in rotation that is to say across board and they hope Ghanaians will start feeling the smoke coming from the burning pipes in Accra.

    Finally the boys, E.com humbly thanked the Nima Community, the general public, DJs, Presenter both TV and Radio including the man AB himself for that push.

    'We hope that Ghanaians will not stop loving E.com for the best is yet to come and definitely the sky is a stepping stone to greater heights'.


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