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    posted Thursday, 13 May 2010 07:45| 0 Comments

    Flexclusive. Photo: Ghana Music.comBiography

    Felix O. Ankrah (born January 25, 1986), MC/Producer/Songwriter, better known by his stage name Flexclusive was born and partially raised in West Africa, (Kumasi) Ghana. At the age of 11, he moved to a city near Amsterdam (The Netherlands) called Almere.

    Flexclusive began experimenting with music at the age of 13, rewriting and reciting the lyrics of his favorite artists (Nas, Jay Z, Lucky Dube, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G). Thats when he discovered hip-hop and fell in love with the art. At age 16, he formed a rap group with three of his friends, recorded a couple of songs and did lots of shows together.  They also participated in various talent shows. In 2004 Flexiclusive became confident and inspired by so many things in life that he felt he had enough experience to follow his own path, so he went solo in 2005.

    Being so passionate with the art, he figured he could do more than just write songs. In 2006 he bought some equipments and started to produce his own tracks. In May that same year he released his first Mixtape as a solo artist entitled "The Ambassador". In 2007 he released the second Mixtape called "Get Familiar With Flexclusive" aiming to create a buzz before the release of his first EP entitled "Home Is Where The Heart Is" which was dropped in 2008.

    Flexclusive recently dropped a new EP called "Before The Beginning", which is now available on iTunes.


    Home Is Where The Heart Is (FlexclusiveMusicEnt), 2008

    Before The Beginning, (BOF Entertainment / FlexclusiveMusicEnt), 2010

    Buy Before The Beginning

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