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    Ko-Jo Cue

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Saturday, 17 November 2012 14:36| 0 Comments


    Music is meant to entertain, educate, uplift and inspire. Substance-filled music has for years proven itself to outlast songs that are made purely for the sake of entertainment.

    Whilst a good party song will put people in frenzy whenever it is played at a party for a year or two, it is music filled with message and meaning which usually lasts longer because of their ability to create a mental and emotional bond with listeners.

    This is the reason why Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, 2pac and Fela are hailed as the greatest musicians of all time as opposed to disco pioneers like Donna Summer, Bee Gees or Rock superstars like Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley (although technically these musicians are not that
    far apart in talent).

    Particularly, in a genre like rap which combines both music and poetry, the message is more important even than the man or his vocal delivery.

    It is in this respect that the newest addition to the Ghanaian hip-hop scene, Ko-Jo Cue, shines the most.

    With a background in literature and journalism, writing seems to be a passion for this young talent as his music spins tales of his upbringing, his grasp of politics and the society, his mental struggles with relationships, religion and spirituality, and his love for his craft.

    His delivery has enough passion to make 2pac proud, enough confidence to make Jay-Z honored and with an ear for music that even non-rap music listeners can respect, he has the potential to stand right next to some of the greatest musicians our continent has produced if he works hard

    However, what sets Ko-Jo Cue apart from his peers and makes him different from his predecessors is his perspective and ability to tell stories not only with descriptive and narrative words but also with emotion.

    From his popular songs like ‘HeadNod’, ‘E No Be Say’, ‘My Life’ and the recently released ‘Lie Ben’ which features Asem and has been enjoying airplay, to his lesser known songs like ‘My Misery’, ‘As The World Turns’, ‘The Storm’, and ‘Speed of Life’, this emcee possesses the ability to build an emotional connection with his listener and tell them his story and struggles in a manner that not only mimics their own but also inspires them to be better.

    Currently pursuing a BA in Journalism at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Ko-Jo Cue is set to release two major mixtapes in 2013 (‘Before We Shine 2’ – January 28, and ‘The Shining) and he is still working on his debut album which he plans to drop in 2014 after he completes his

    With such promise and work ethic, success seems to be the only option for this young talent and when the rapper, whose real name is Kojo Amankwaa, finally releases his debut album, the world will never be the same.


    Before We Shine 2, 2013

    The Shining, 2013

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