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    M.anifest is a true original. Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, the charismatic Hip-Hop artist migrated to the Twin Cities where he was voted City Pages Songwriter of the year after his critically acclaimed 2007 debut “Manifestations.”

    He has been described as an artist with “an incredible gift” (the run off groove) who possesses “the kind of assured, joyful, ruminative voice that made Mos Def into Hollywood's favorite conscious-rap star" (City Pages).

    After only beginning to pursue music seriously as a vocation post his college education in 2005, the Ghanaian native has already stacked up an impressive resume: including on stage collaborations with Femi Kuti, Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Amadou and Miriam, Mick Jones (The clash), Tony Allen, the Noisettes and many more. Allhiphop.com profiled him (along with K’naan) as one of four African Artists “Stormin’ into the Hip-Hop World” (2009).

    In 2010, he played the Festa Dos Mundos festival with Africa Express in Spain in front of a 50,000 crowd and was part of the historic PUMA world cup showcase in Paris.

    His music was also featured on the official Nike and Fader Magazine 2010 World Cup Podcast.

    His independently released debut, manifestations, earned him high praise in a plethora of media outlets. It led to the album being picked up by Jakarta Records/Groove Attack and re-released by the indie label in Europe and Japan.

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune, named manifestations as one of the top 5 albums of 2007 across genres, and later asked "What's a rapper from Ghana who's as smart as Talib Kweli and as funky as Kanye West doing in Minnesota?” In 2009, M.anifest released a full length LP, “The Birds and the Beats” for free download in support of a Non-profit, “Young Entrepreneurs Africa.” Bloggers and musical critics noted that the birds and the beats was such an exciting piece of art it would “make you feel guilty about paying nothing for it” (City Pages).

    The socially mindful MC also is 1/3 of African Rebel Movement (A.R.M), with Ugandan MC Krukid, and Seattle/New York based producer Budo of Rhymesayers.

    They released the cheekily titled “2 Africans and a Jew EP” in 2010 after completing a yet t be released full length which features the likes of Brother Ali and South African MC, Tumi.

    He is also ½ of another eclectic outfit, S&M, with singer/MC Sarah White. The Ghanaian MC is currently completing his official sophomore release, “Coming to America: Immigrant Chronicles,” and gearing it for a spring 2011 release.

    Equal parts charming and skillful, the Ghanaian MC is captivating on stage and on record. He is currently one of 3 artists being featured in a documentary, “We Rock Long Distance,” which partly focuses on the MC and his connection with his grandfather, Prof J.H. Nketia: one of the most revered African composers and ethnomusicologist. With a rare ability to effortlessly mold transnational experiences into accessible yet highly lyrical songs over African inspired rhythms, the Ghanaian MC is one to watch.


    Manifestations LP, 2007

    The Birds and the Beats, 2009

    2 Africans and A Jew EP, 2010



    • 2007 City Pages - Songwriter of the Year

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