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    posted Thursday, 10 January 2013 20:59| 2 Comments


    The dream of Isaac Wilson of joining the gospel train has come to pass with the release of his debut album "Me Nyame".

    After given the rudiments of music right from his childhood to his teenage period Isaac has blossomed into a very fine gospel musician.

    This is because the young but enterprising singer with an amazing voice has carved a niche for himself since the days of Fun World where he distinguished himself.

    This new gospel debutant, the Jerivan Media Production produced eight track album is a great delight to listen to.

    This young chap, a student of Dawson College in Canada and awaiting results to enter University is doing his own thing.

    Yesi Nkete (Determination), the title track is a fast mid-tempo rendered in a highlife vein with a beautiful rhythm and a great bass tine to match. It opens with such a strong delivery which is very difficult to resist. This song offers a great inspiration to all Christians.

    The crux of the message to believers is that if the devil was able to frustrate their progress, this time around they are determined to match him boot for boot. “Yesi Nkete ye manu kwayen koraaa ..." Shine your eyes Christians!

    Yesu Beye (Jesus will do it) is a wonderful piece which brings out his superb creative abilities. Another appealing aspect of this song is the vocal backing given to the lead vocals by O.K. Moses and wife.

    Some of the songs on the album are 'Me Nyame', 'Beko Ma Me', 'Kakyire No', 'I Go Fly', 'Mommra', 'W'agye Me', 'Ne Tirimu Po', 'Adom Bi', 'Gye Me so', 'Gye Me So' remix, 'Mommra' remix and more.

    Sound engineers that worked on the album were George Forest and Nacy.

    In the song Isaac calls on Christians not to give up but to look up to God for their solutions. There is nothing Jesus cannot do.

    He has received 8 awards from 2011 to 2012 with the album "Me Nyame" both Canada and USA.


    • Canadian Achievement Awards - Discovery Artist of the Year
    • North America Awards - Honor Award of the Year
    • North America Awards - Male Artist of the Year in North America
    • North America Awards - Gospel Album of the Year
    • North America Awards - Gospel Artiste of the Year
    • North America Awards - Gospel Video of the Year - Wagye Me
    • North America Awards - Talented Artiste of the Year in North America

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