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    by Kofi Duah
    posted Monday, 05 November 2012 19:14| 2 Comments


    He goes by the name Francis Aidoo- Mensah, showbiz name N Y (Nana Yaw) and after releasing hit song I Like That featuring Appietus under the (NLS)NSL group, NY is out with his own song called Love Like Music. Love Like Music which features Appietus talks about the fact that the world cannot do without Love and Music.

    “Can you imagine a world without Love and Music, there will definitely be chaos if these two things don’t prevail” NY explains in his songs.

    Some of the lines in the song goes like “One thing about love is how it makes you feel. Love is like music. Makes you feel alright. Going round all round everywhere looking for love, I've found someone who truly loves me”.

    Recorded by sound engineer Appietus and released three weeks ago, Love Like Music has started enjoying airplay among some radio stations and it is the musician's believe pretty soon the song will be one of the hit songs in Ghana and beyond.

    The video of Love Like Music which was shot by Xpress Philms is also uploaded on Youtube for lovers of music  to have  a feel of the song.

    Due to the classy nature of Love Like Music video, DSTV has started showing it on Channel O, Sound City, Trace TV and will start showing on all the Television stations in Ghana soon.

    NY, a musician and a banker who is signed unto KOD’’s label (blaq kapricorn) said he has plans to feature highlife musician Pat Thomas in his upcoming song.

    Although his work as a banker sometimes distracts him from what he loves doing most which is music, NY said music has been part of him and therefore so far as he has that talent to do music  he would not waste it.

    According to NY he came to the music scene to make a mark. “I think musicians have been taken for granted for a very long time, when you do music people see you as not being serious or morally upright but elsewhere musicians are one of the most respected people and I have come to change that notion” NY explained.

    Since he came to the limelight a year ago with the NSL group, NY says music hasn’t been the way he wanted and that he wants to use his music to put Ghana in the international level.

    “I do reggae, highlife, hiplife, jazz and I believe with the unique talent I have I can push Ghana in the international level through my music.

    He advised musicians to follow their hearts in doing their music and not be so much into making anykind of music just because of its commercial nature.

    “Most musicians are doing the Azonto kind of music because they see it as the order of the day, there might good musician with different styles but because most musicians are doing Azonto, they also do same” he said.

    The young musician who graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology says he grateful to all who have helped in his music career.


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