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    posted Thursday, 04 November 2010 14:25| 3 Comments

    Popularly known by my stage name OPANKA. He hails from the Eastern Region but was born in Tema and has spent most of his lifetime there so he could be identified as a Tema boy.

    “Music has been part of me since I was born and when am being asked the type of music I do I will say I do real music and mine is unique and in my music I try to spread good messages which will benefit my listeners”, he said.

    “ I go like TIEE TIEE by force when am rapping which means LISTEN LISTEN by force but don’t think it’s a force but rather that is my signature and that also gives me the morale to rap”, he added.

    Currently, part of FRESH BOYZ ENTERTAINMENT, who are made up of young boys who have come together with the intention of helping each other.

    His first single entitled ‘BLING BLING’ created awareness in the music industry and later did a freestyle on Bradez's simple beat as a mix tape which has been receiving airplays and after that done a couple of songs but still working hard for my great fans.

    He has a new single titled, ‘Congratulation’ as he rhymes over Kanye West ‘Power’ beat.

    “Some of my challenges are to create a big impact in the music industry and I know all depends on your hard work and God's favour.

    "I am on the verge and still working hard for my fans as I said it earlier on", he said

    Opanka is definitely bringing out something big and different and urges his fans to stay tuned.....TIEE TIEE by force.


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