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    Sarfo Kantanka

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 17 September 2012 14:08| 0 Comments


    Ghanaian international based artist. Also known as Germany’s top DJ, Rich Boogie.

    (Sarfo Kantanka) Rich Boogie”, whose real name is Richard Yeboah (27), is originally from Accra, Ghana and lives in Germany since 1989. At the age of twelve he was friends aware of the Hip Hop culture and has since focused his career in music.

    After 1995 he started himself intensively to deal with rap, he began gradually in the “black music” and “R & B” scene to make a name.

    Through dedication, innovation and the support of his congenial partner “MC Prince P” the Boogieness DJ team became a household name in the national music scene. With increasing acceptance and popularity on one side and the technical, musical, and “know how” on the other hand, paved the Dortmund DJ duo the way to a state from which each party left its own mark. Transformed, not without reason “Dj Rich Boogie” & “MC Prince P” Dortmunder disco ‘village’ within a short time was one of the most popular clubs of the scene.

    Around in his quest to not stagnate, founded “Dj Rich Boogie” in 2000, finally, the “Boogieness Crew”, as one of its members, the most talented DJs from Dortmund. From this community, connected by various orders was also in use nationwide, a year later, the independent record label “Boogieness Records,” which has taken on the task of representing artists of different styles of music and to promote them.

    The range of serviced in “Boogieness Records’ musician revealed by underground hip-hop, to reggae / dancehall to mass-compatible R’n'B productions equally from multiple genres thus, from Richard Yeboah (“Dj Rich Boogie“) and to the guiding force of this emerging and ever-evolving label.

    He is not only responsible for organizational matters and the production of other artists, but is held under the name “Soundbwoy Boogie” musically itself “A piece of Boogieness” is the name of the 2006 appearing album, which is also known by cooperation with Albert Chapiro ” The One, “a good impression of the versatility of” Boogieness Records “conveys. “The A & Soundbwoy Boogie” is understood by those phonograms the genres of hip hop and reggae / dancehall to associate with each other so as to provide the distinctive “Boogieness sound” results.

    This work impresses with meaningful lyrics and melodic introduced dancehall rhythms, as well as sophisticated in detail beats that give so many lines even further expression and the listener actually prescribe attention.

    All in all, the name “Boogieness” both a musically ambitious program, as well as high quality and technically sophisticated turntable acrobatics.

    Later in 2010, decided to pursue the music career fully thus his stage name is SARFO KANTANKA.

    Sarfo Kantanka has since worked with good ghanaian artists like Trigmatic, Guru, Ahenkwaa Da Kalibos, Krucifyx among others.

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